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As an editor it is my job to be the link between you and your readers. It is up to me to guide you in the right direction to ensure your book is of the highest standard for your readers, but without losing your authorial voice.

I have a natural eye for detail, which makes me the ideal editor or proofreader for your latest masterpiece. I will carefully go through your manuscript and work hard to smooth out any rough edges; this means your readers have the best experience possible.

I offer a range of services and I am happy to perform a complimentary edit on a sample of your manuscript so that you can decide if I am the right editor for you. (New customers only.) If you are a debut, independent author, please get in contact for details of a special offer for my editing and proofreading services.

In their guide Getting Started in Fiction Editing, The Society for Editors and Proofreaders state ‘Fiction editing starts with a love of reading and of books.’ I have loved to read for as long as I can remember. I was never happier than when my Mum sent me to my room, (until she clicked and told me I wasn’t allowed to read,) and I was always the kid who was more than happy when the teacher told us to read quietly in class.

Growing up I loved The Famous Five and Secret Seven books, moving on to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. I suppose you could say I’ve always been into mystery/crime books and that is still the kind of book I love. Add to that a passion for dark, disturbing psychological thrillers and you begin to understand the kinds of books I read.

I started working for Bloodhound Books in a freelance capacity in 2017, reading some of their submissions. I realised, with a little help, that I was naturally editing the manuscripts at a high level and wondered if it was something I could pursue as a career. Fast-forward a year or so and I decided to re-train with Society of Editors and Proofreaders as an editor and proofreader and set up my own freelance business. And so, Overview Media was created!

Please do get in contact because I am certain I will be able to assist with all of your editing and proofreading requirements.



I offer a range of services to suit your editorial needs.

See below to find out more on how I could help you.

GEt in contact for a personal quote

GEt in contact for a personal quote





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