Unsure what direction your latest masterpiece is heading in?  Do you need someone to give it a once over?  Let me help you!  Send me 5000-7500 words of your manuscript, along with a synopsis for the rest of the book, and I will guide you in the right direction.


I will copy-edit the section of the manuscript you have sent me using track changes in MS Word.  This means I will look at sentence flow, readability and consistency; with all guidance notes made on your manuscript.  Using your synopsis I will also give advice on the story as a whole, look at the content and advise on any potential plot holes.  This will take the form of a written report with the option of a telephone call (of up to 20 minutes,) to answer any questions.


If you use my Consultation Service and decide you’d like me to edit the rest of your manuscript, I will deduct the £100 already spent from the final invoice.


Please do get in contact to book a space in my diary or to ask any questions.

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