From £100

You’ve finished writing your book and completed a few drafts, but you’ve read it that many times the words are a blur. You’d like to have it professionally edited, but worry about the cost. Before you take the plunge, would you benefit from an independent and honest review of your work?


My Manuscript Critique Service may be the answer you’re looking for!


The service includes:

  • Reading your entire manuscript

  • A comprehensive, professional and technical review of the story.

  • Highlighting of potential problem areas such as: point of view, tense, crutch words and plot holes.

  • I will send you a written report, with the option of a phone call, (of up to 20 minutes) to answer any questions.

If you use my Manuscript Critique Service and decide you’d like me to edit your manuscript, I will offer a discount to the value of the sum already spent.