Congratulations!  You’ve finished writing your manuscript and you’re happy with the ‘big picture’ stuff; this means the structure, plot and point of view.  Now it’s time for someone to copy-edit your work for you. 


Whilst copy-editing for you I will:

  • Ensure consistency throughout.  This means consistency in formatting, consistency in spelling, consistency in your characters hair colour if need be!

  • Keep an eye on the time-line of the book.  For example, I will ensure that days aren’t missed out and that the children aren’t attending school on a Sunday.

  • Look for repetition and suggest alternative wording where appropriate.  This includes identifying any ‘crutch’ words that you may be using.

  • Look for omissions in the story as a whole; that is, I will ensure that anything introduced into the plot is concluded satisfactorily.

  • Ensure sentences flow naturally, readability being a priority.           

  • Supply you with a style sheet, (in the absence of a house style guide,) and a one-page summary report.

  • If in doubt, I will make a comment or suggestion and leave it up to you to decide.


If you are working to a specific budget, please do not hesitate to get in contact.  I am happy to discuss how I can assist you in relation to your budget.