I would love to be able to tell you that when I have finished with your manuscript it will be

perfect… but I can’t. Your manuscript could be edited and proofread a hundred times, by
different people, and there would still be mistakes that will slip through the net. Dr. Panko
of the University of Hawaii has carried out several studies into human error detection and
cites some specific figures with regard to proofreading here. As you can see, it depends
entirely on what kind of mistake has been made as to how well human beings can detect
any errors.

I will make a promise to you that I will make your manuscript Perfect…ish. That is, as
perfect as I can under the umbrella that you have asked me to work for you. (Please have a look at the services I offer to see what that means for you and your manuscript.) I will work hard to make sure your work is as error free as I can possibly make it. If I have edited your book, I would recommend that it is sent to a proof-reader after you have been through any changes I have suggested. As much as I would love to do that for you, I will become far too familiar with your work during the editing process to carry out an effective proofread.