• I will edit/proof-read your work myself, to the highest level and make suggestions that I believe are right for your work. It is entirely up to you, as the author, to decide if you would like to adopt those changes.

  • Any content created by me as part of the editing/proof-reading process will become your copyright, unless otherwise agreed.

  • I would love to be able to tell you that your manuscript will be returned to you in perfect condition, unfortunately that is an unrealistic expectation. I will, however, return it to you in Perfect-ish condition. (Please read my section on Perfect-ish.)

  • We will mutually agree a date to return your work to you. If, for any reason, I am unable to achieve that date I will advise you immediately.

  • For editing/proof-reading services I require 25% of the final invoice to secure a place in my diary. A further 25% on receipt of your manuscript and the final 50% when it is returned.

  • For consultation services, payment is required in full at the time of submission.

  • If there is a house style you would like me to apply to your work, please supply it along with your manuscript.

  • I use track changes in word to edit and proof-read manuscripts, so that you can see all the changes and suggestions I have made. I will apply some standard formatting changes that you won’t be able to see: removal of extra line spaces, extra character spaces and correcting spelling mistakes for example.

  • The information that the Client and the Freelance may keep on record is covered by the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation. No more such information will be held than is necessary, at any time, to comply with those terms and with any compliance statement or privacy policy published by the Client and/or the Freelance.

  • Both the Client and the Freelance agree that, where consent is required to hold or process such data, such consent has been requested and obtained and both facts can be demonstrated. Either may view the other’s records to ensure that they are relevant, correct and up to date.

  • I will adhere to the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading code of conduct at all times. The details of which can be found here.

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