“I absolutely love writing but it can sometimes be a solitary experience. Not just in terms of being shut inside a quiet room for hours, but having sole responsibility for the development of my characters and story.For me, the beginning of a book is the most exciting part. I love creating something new but at the same time it can be a bit daunting. How do I know I’m onto a good idea or if it’s been done before, is the first chapter engaging, will it pull people in?Yes, I can run the idea by my friends and family but at this vital stage, as I set my sights on the 100,000 word target, I need professional advice. Someone who will give an honest, impartial, yet considered opinion and who can point me in the right direction if I’m veering off course. The solution to this dilemma is Overview Media.I sent the first five chapters of my new book to Heather and asked her to review them. In particular, as it’s set in the past, I was interested to hear if I’d got the tone of the era, especially in speech, and whether that all important first chapter had her hooked.After spending hours at the laptop with your precious characters, honing your story, the last thing anyone wants at submission stage is a negative response or, to have to rewrite and restructure huge chunks of the manuscript. To wheedle out something minuscule before it becomes a repetitive major issue, or make a subtle change that sits better with the storyline or style is invaluable.Whether you are embarking on your first novel or like me, writing book eight, Overview Media will provide exactly the support you need. Heather is friendly and approachable along with being a consummate professional who takes great pride in what she does.I will definitely be recommending her services to other authors and she can expect another call from me when I start book nine.Thanks Heather, great job."

Patricia Dixon/Author

“Heather (or Overview media if you prefer) provided a fast, detailed and effective proofread of my novel. Not only were grammatical errors caught, but her insights into sentence structure and phraseology were useful. A fast, efficient and effective service which I will be using again in the future."

Liz Mistry/Author

“After working on my new novel for a year, I was keen to get unbiased and professional feedback on its opening chapters. When an author is so close to their story, which happens even more intensely at the final draft phase, it’s extremely difficult to be objective. Heather's feedback was concise and helpful, and has assisted me in polishing up the early chapters of my final draft. I would recommend Heather’s services."

Julie-Ann Corrigan/Author

"Heather takes all the pain out of a blog tour and returns with the joy of thoughtful and inspiring reviews from her bloggers. Her organisation and communication is impeccable. Highly recommended."

Mark Stay/Author

The Bestseller Experiment

"Heather took me under her wing, so to speak, when I was a complete novice. She took my manuscript and in a cost effective and timely manner gave it the works!  Her work is meticulous and she was professional at all times. She edits your work carefully and also adds a bit of wit into her common sense suggestions. I will not look elsewhere for an editor."


Chris Orr/Author


"I'm so glad I got Heather to manage my blog tour. From start to finish it was an excellent experience with great bloggers and great reviews for my book. I'd highly recommend Heather for anyone wanting their book to stand out."


Andrew Marsh/Author

Jack Janson & the Storm Caller

"Overview Media arranged a fantastic blog tour for me; I’m frankly staggered at what great value it was.  Not only did I get at least one comprehensive and helpful review each day from a diverse range of bloggers, I also got lots of promotion in terms of social media activity.  Highly recommended for anyone wanting to give their new book release a boost, or to get some honest opinions on their work!"


Jon Richter/Author

London 2039: Auxiliary